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Created On October 28, 2023
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Hello, friends. 

This is Dr. Ruchal Shah here.

Are you suffering from psoriasis and looking for psoriasis treatment or psoriasis skin disease treatment?

Are you having "psoriasis scalp" and searching for psoriasis scalp treatment?

Today I am going to describe about psoriasis disease, what psoriasis meaning is, psoriasis symptoms, psoriasis causes, and psoriasis treatment. It is one of my favorite subjects. I have carried out frequent research over psoriasis and psoriasis treatment.

It's a very vast topic. I can write an entire book for this. So, let me start with what I have to explain to you for psoriasis treatment or psorasis scalp treatment or psoriasis skin disease treatment.

So being a healthcare professional our first concern is to diagnose the psoriasis and based on the diagnosis we come to the psoriasis treatment part. So if we have to treat psoriasis, we have to decide what is the exact severity and scenario of psoriasis. There is an index called the Psoriasis area and severity index (PASI).

We decide the psoriasis treatment for psoriatic patients based on their PASI score (Psoriasis Area and Severity Index). Generally few patients of psoriasis may have very less body surface area involved. If it is less than 10% body surface area involved then it cannot be considered as widespread or disseminated psoriasis. But if the body surface area is more than 10% involved then it is considered as widespread psoriasis

 In the same way, we also have to decide the psoriasis severity .Psoriasis severity also enables dermatologists to decide their treatment. If a patient is having pinkish red erythema along with flakes along with strong induration indicates that lesions are severe and we have to treat them with stronger agents. So with the help of Psoriasis area and severity index we decide how much area is involved, we decide severity of the psoriasis and it helps us to decide the psoriasis treatment modality of the patient.

Well, the site of the lesion also allows us or helps us to make the decision. Psoriasis frequently involves elbow, knee, ankle area and presence of lesions of psoriasis in this area require treatment with strong agents along with salicylic acid. But if psoriasis involves thinner or softer skins such as flexure region of axilla, groin perinasal area this skin is comparatively very thin and application of stronger agents, application of salicylic acid may not be required.

But yes, I repeat it's not only the site but site and severity ( PASI SCORE ) both help dermatologists to decide the treatment approach. Psoriasis can be treated by topical agents, oral agents and nowadays a lot of biologicals have come into the market with very promising results.

Each part has its own significance. Topical agents includes psoriasis treatment ointment, psoriasis treatment cream contains a topical steroid, calcipotriene, tacrolimus are helpful in clearing the psoriasis inflammation and reducing the severity. Oral agents such as methotrexate, cyclosporine are also helpful in deciding or reducing the severity and a lot of new biological molecules have also come into the market.

It is very important for a dermatologist to counsel the patient regarding the maintenance treatment in psoriasis treatment or psoriasis skin disease treatment or psoriasis scalp treatment. As far as my understanding is there, apart from guttate psoriasis which usually develops in the younger age, the Psoriasis developing at the elderly age may not completely go away from your body. You may not get completely cured from your Psoriasis if it is developing at elderly age. In that case, a dermatologist has to counsel strongly to the patient that you may have to take some amount of treatment or some amount of drugs regularly to prevent the relapse and recurrences.

If a patient does not stick to the regular maintenance treatment, then there are chances that psoriasis would recur and it may rebound. Also it may increase to involve more and more areas. I will try my best to edit this blog regularly to add more and more topical as well as oral agent description in this psoriasis treatment blog.

But whenever we are writing or we are describing something for the first time to our patient, our primary concern is to explain to them regarding psoriasis disease, psoriasis meaning, psoriasis causes, psoriasis symptoms as well as the severity and to explain to them the area of involvement, maintenance treatment, psoriasis treatment cream,psoriasis treatment ointment which I have described here. I will give a regular update in this psoriasis treatment or psoriasis treatment for skin or psoriasis treatment skin or psoriasis skin disease treatment or psoriasis scalp treatment section to make things more transparent to each and every reader. 

Thank you.

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