Hello all, I myself Dr. Karma Patel. I am a dermatologist with a special interest in

teledermatology. We have consulted many patients online who have acne.

  • Can you get acne due to stress or pimples from stress?
  • Having a pimple face and are you confused about its cause?
  • Do acne stress have a correlation?

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While acne/pimple is typically linked to clogged pores and hormones, there is also a significant

connection between stress and acne breakouts. In fact, studies show that both short-term and

long-term stress can cause or trigger acne flares. Read on for more information on the

relationship between stress and acne.

  • What is acne/pimple and How does it start?

Acne/pimple is a skin condition, usually appearing on the face, chest or back, that causes enlarged pores, inflammation, and redness. Acne/pimple outbreaks result from blockages in the opening of the hair follicle due to excessive oil production (sebum) and bacteria growth.

Stress can trigger an increase in hormones that leads to such a blockage as well as increased sebum (oil) production.

  • How does Stress relate to acne/pimple breakouts?

Acne/pimple can be caused by a number of different factors, including hormones, genetics, and

lifestyle factors. Stress is another factor that can lead to acne outbreaks and flares.

When under acute or chronic stress, your body releases an increased amount of cortisol

hormones. In turn, excess cortisol can lead to increased oil production on the skin. Excess oil

production can clog pores, leading to breakouts or worsening existing acne. Thus, it is possible

for a person's stress levels to have a direct effect on the severity of their acne outbreak.

As per the research acne heals much slower when the person is under stress. That literally

means that acne stays for a longer period of duration and is more susceptible to not only

increasing severity but also infection.

One may find more acne visible at a time as acne takes more time to heal when the person is

under stress and is having an acne breakout.

If a person's lifestyle includes persistent or frequent stressors, they may find themselves dealing

with persistent breakouts.

Identifying Acne Triggers

It’s important to be aware of any stressors or triggers that can cause acne symptoms to flare up

so that you can address them and manage your skin health. A person should try different

strategies to find out what works for them. If possible, avoid triggering stressors like

over-scheduling and multitasking.

Additionally, it’s beneficial to practice stress management techniques such as meditation, deep

breathing, exercise, and yoga in order to reduce the likelihood of acne flares, carving out

personal time each day, opt for a healthy diet and maintain it, have adequate night sleep, have a

word with your near and dear ones about your concern or take expert’s advice helps.

Developing positive coping mechanisms such as problem solving and journaling can also help

reduce stress levels.

It is always advisable to consult a dermatologist online on neodermatologist.com, if you are

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the acne/pimplepimple face, whether or not your acne due to stress or are your pimples

from stress, is there a connection between acne stress, etc.

I hope the information given was helpful.

Thank you

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