Terms & conditions

  • Clarifications regarding statistical details:
  1. We assume that whatever statistical details such as your name, age, gender and location that you have submitted to us are legal and true to your knowledge. We being a doctor in our real practice do not verify your personal/statistical details with any of your registered ids. If the details provided by you to us are not legal and are not in accordance with legal documentation (id proofs),it may impact the outcome that should be taken into consideration.
  2. If you are LAR (Legally Acceptable Representative) of the patient then whatever details you are submitting of the patient has to be true, legal and to the best of your knowledge.
  • Clarifications regarding photographs & its importance:
  1. We request you to submit the photographs as per the photographic guidelines that are provided on the website as the diagnosis of your skin and hair concerns is based on the photographs that you have submitted to us. In cases where the photographs which are submitted to us are inappropriate and not as per the photographic guidelines there are chances that the dermatologist can meet a diagnostic as well as treatment error and it may get altered and it may eventually impact the outcome.
  2. If the dermatologist finds that the photographs are improper and he/she is unable to diagnose with the photographs provided then you may get asked for resubmission of photographs or even your query may get rejected.
  3. We also request you to send photographs that include all your affected areas as sending an incomplete set of photographs may also impact the diagnosis and treatment and eventually outcome.
  • Clarifications regarding basic consultation inaccuracies:
  1. In basic consultation service, the diagnosis is made and the treatment is decided based on the photographs you have submitted to us. Due to this limitation, despite the best efforts by our dermatologist, there are chances that the diagnosis and treatment may sometimes differ on the contrary to the physical visit made with a dermatologist.
  2. In cases where a dermatologist believes that a patient’s current skin condition can be improved and can be benefitted by other treatment modalities which are not possible through online consultation, a dermatologist may ask the patient for a physical visit to a clinic.
  • Clarifications regarding premium consultations (time slot, time zone, if patient do not attend on time consultation will be canceled,clarification regarding patient & LAR)
  1. For premium consultation, you are requested to select from the time slots that are available on a website. Time slots on the user's request are not accepted.
  2. We work in accordance with the Indian standard time. Users are requested to report at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time. Unavailability of a user on a scheduled time is subject to cancellation of consultation. In such a case a user can not demand for a prescription and refund.
  • Clarifications regarding basic & premium consultation difference
  1. There is no difference between basic and premium consultation services as such from the diagnosis and treatment perspective as the decision on diagnosis is primarily made through photographs only. Video calling is meant for counseling purposes only.
  • Clarifications regarding privacy
  1. The prescription generated is based on your statistical details, history form and photographs that you have submitted to us. We will try our best that Prescription will have only the content of a medicine written in it. The purpose of doing so is to give you freedom to purchase medicines as per your convenience and not to force you purchase it from our pharmacy store which is Navsarjan medical store.
  • Clarifications for purchase of medicines
  1. You are free to purchase medicines as per your convenience if you feel it is available at affordable prices elsewhere.
  • Clarifications for content
  1. The content on the website is with the motive to provide our patients with the knowledge of different skin and hair conditions and educate them for the same. This should not be considered as the final advice from any member of our team of dermatologists and none of us will be held responsible for its consequences.

Refund policies

Basic consultation

  • We are very generous in our refund policies
  • You can claim full refund in basic consultation if you have not received our prescription on whats app or our website.
  • Presence of double tick ( message delivery) on whats app will be considered as you have received a prescription. We will settle it in 48 hours

Premium consultation

  • Before 24 hours cancellation full refund
  • Between 3 hours to 24 hours prior to booked time slot if you cancel it then 80% refund Less than 3 hours 50% refund
  • If dermatologist is not present then full refund