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Dr. Ruchir Shah

M.B., D.V.D.

I am a dermatologist.

Online consultations till date 200

Pricing starts as low as 100

Next avaliable time slot 6:00 PM - 6:10 PM

Expert in Skin Hair

Dr. Karma Patel

M.D. Dermatology

Dr. Karma Patel. I'm a dermatologist by profession having experience in diagnosing, treating and preventing a wide range of skin and hair conditions online, with good communication skills and always committed to providing good care to my patients.

Next avaliable time slot 6:10 PM - 6:30 PM

Expert in Hair Skin

Dr. Kishan Ninama

M.D. Skin & V.D.

I am a dermatologist.

Expert in Hair Skin

Dr. Sachin Prajapati

M.B.B.S., D.D.V.L.

I am a dermatologist.

Expert in Hair Skin

How to consult with neodermatologist

Login , Select your services and Doctor

  • Login through OTP - get OTP via SMS or on your Email.
  • Select your services - i Basic and premium, ii Acne, Hair Loss, Itching in inner Parts, and General consultation
  • Select your Doctor - select your dermatologist whom you want to consult with.

Fill up your History form and Upload Photographs.

  • History Form - Tell us more about your concern (Acne, Hair Loss, Itching in inner Parts, and General consultation) by answering a few questions asked in the History form.
  • Upload Photographs of affected body parts.

Book appointment , process payment & make a video consultation

Book an appointment and get the video consultation with your dermatologist (premium)

Get your prescription & get your medicines at best affordable rates

Get your prescription and medicines.


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Patients’ Testimonials

This is the best clinic for skin treatment Thank you so much for my services. Such a lovely and professional person staff. Really liked the treatments and the results are pretty much good in one session only

Doctor Ruchir Shah is very nice person and one of the best doctor in this area.

I had a very good experience at this very aesthetically built centre, there were positive vibes all around.


Best Dermatologist Near Me

Are you looking for a dermatologist near me? Then, in my opinion, a Neodermatologist is yourdermatologist near me” and is the right option for you if you are looking for a “dermatologist near me for skin”, “dermatologist best near me”, “dermatologist doctor near me” and nearest dermatologist. It is a platform where you can communicate, you can consult with a “dermatologist near me” online if you are searching for a nearest skin doctor or anear dermatologist” or dermatologist near you for any of your skin and hair concerns. All you need to do is, log into Neodermatologist- your “dermatologist in near me”, fill up the history form, upload your photographs, submit your query and you will get the consultation. It is quick and convenient from the comfort of your home. 

How does a dermatologist near me work?

Neodermatologist- your dermatologist near me  works with the modern era that is Teledermatology because dermatology is a visual diagnostic branch. In the majority of skin diseases, the doctor doesn’t need to touch the patient. Diagnosis can be made visually. Now what it means is that you, being a patient, don't need to physically visit the dermatology clinic or step into the dermatologist’s cabin. You can get a consultation from the nearest dermatologist just from wherever you are.   

You just have to send photographs of the affected area such as hands, legs, back, abdomen, scalp, face, etc. A dermatologist will assess those photographs and diagnose with the help of those photographs as well as history and he/she can treat the disease. 

So, by and large, you don’t need to step out of your home and go to the dermatology clinic. Your smartphone will become your source for the dermatologist consultation. You can consult a “dermatologist best near me”  just with your fingertips and this is the reason Neodermatologist can be easily considered as yourdermatologist near me”

No dermatologist- your  “dermatologist near me”  provides two different types of consultation services. Basic as well as Premium Consultation services. You can explore the website to know more in detail about the differentiating features of both consultation services which are given on the website on different pages. 

Basic consultation 

In case of basic consultation, You just need to log into Neodermatologist- your “dermatologist in near me  Select one service among four different services that are being provided on Neodermatologist- your dermatologist in near me” namely 1) acne treatment 2) hair loss treatment 3) general consultation 4) inner part itching treatment in accordance with your concern. The next step for you will be to fill up a history form for a better understanding of your problem and upload photographs of the affected area such as the scalp, face, hands, legs, abdomen and back, inner parts, and buttocks. Upon confirmation of your submission of a query, a medical officer will call you, discuss your concern, and counsel accordingly. A medical officer then will convey this message to a dermatologist and a dermatologist will prescribe you treatment after assessing your photographs and going through your history.

Premium consultation 

In premium consultation, you get an opportunity to talk to a dermatologist via video call and this may be considered a stand-out feature in the case of premium consultation service and hence the name. 

Well, let me make a disclosure that whether you consult with a basic or premium consultation service, the diagnostic potential of both is the same. A dermatologist is going to diagnose your skin disease with the help of the photographs that you have submitted to us. Video call is meant for counseling purposes only. 

So, you can consult with a dermatologist on a basic or premium with the same accuracy.

Now, let’s talk about some of the advantages of consulting online. I would like to tell you why Neodermatologist.com is your dermatologist near me”, “dermatologist in near me”, “dermatologist doctor near me”, “nearest dermatologist” and dermatologist near you.

Advantages of consulting online with “dermatologist near me” on Neodermatologist- your “dermatologist in near me”

Well, the one advantage is that it is easy to consult with a dermatologist online from anywhere and at any time.

No dermatologist- your “dermatologist in near me” is an exclusive platform to consult with the nearest dermatologist online. They are a team of board-certified dermatologists specialized in treating skin diseases. All you need to do is, just log in to a Neodermatologist- your  “dermatologist near me”, tell about your skin and hair concerns such as acne on the face or any other part of the body, hair loss, or any other hair disorder, scabies eczema, urticaria, melasma or psoriasis, itching in inner parts, consult with a dermatologist get the treatment. It’s a one-stop solution for all your skin and hair concerns. It's a hassle-free and paperless procedure. 

It is very fast in response and bound to respond within 20 minutes once the query is submitted. So, you don’t need to sit in a queue for hours in a dermatologist’s clinic. You just need to upload good-quality photographs and you will get your prescription without entering the cabin of a dermatologist. By this, you can save valuable time and get relief of your concerns on your fingertip. So, you can say that online consultation with the nearest dermatologist is very convenient. 

Also because it is online things get hassle-free and paper-free, and it becomes a comfortable process. So if you want to have a comfortable consultation without stepping into the cabin of a dermatologist, https://www.neodermatologist.com/  is the best solution and best option for you.

On Neodermatologist- your dermatologist near me”, you are provided with educational material in the form of images, texts, and videos for a better understanding of your disease, and that provides you with the opportunity to enhance your knowledge by assessing these materials about different skin and hair conditions as well. 


So, if you are someone looking for a  dermatologist near me, or a dermatologist near me for skin explore this new era of consulting a dermatologist or a trichologist online. It is a visual diagnostic branch where a doctor does not need to touch your skin or hair to diagnose you. 

You are also assured that you get the medicines at affordable rates that are prescribed to by a dermatologist or trichologist.