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Meet the Neodermatologists

Looking for an online dermatologist, near me dermatologist? Login to and get online dermatologist consultation. It is a platform where you can get dermatologist consultation online in other words skin specialist consultation online, acne treatment by dermatologist. So, if you are looking for a ringworm specialist, hair doctor, is the place where you can consult the nearest skin doctor.

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Patients’ Testimonials

This is the best clinic for skin treatment Thank you so much for my services. Such a lovely and professional person staff. Really liked the treatments and the results are pretty much good in one session only

Doctor Ruchir Shah is very nice person and one of the best doctor in this area.

I had a very good experience at this very aesthetically built centre, there were positive vibes all around.

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General Skin Consultation


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General Skin Consultation

How to take photographs for online consultation

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Online Hair Treatment Consultation

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Online Hair Treatment Consultation

Hair Loss And Stress

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Hello all, we welcome and thank you for showing your interest on the gallery page. 

We are a team of dermatologists/ trichologists who are passionate not only to diagnose and treat our patients but also to provide our patients with knowledge about different skin and/or hair diseases or conditions that people usually suffer from. 

Keeping this thing in mind we have come along with this gallery's page where we have provided you with a wide range of photographs/ images on various skin and hair conditions/ diseases which most of the people commonly suffer from. For your convenience we have divided it into four different categories such as acne treatment, hair treatment, inner part itching treatment and general consultation.  We have uploaded acne images,pimple images,ringworm images,jockitch images,

We also have added text description to every image to help you learn and get the knowledge   through images. 

At present, we have images of various skin and hair conditions or diseases on our gallery page that includes images of different grades of acne and its variants, hair loss, male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, alopecia areata, vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, fungal/ ringworm infections etc. 

Providing knowledge to our patients is our motto. We hope that the information and knowledge we provide you through images and their descriptions will be helpful to you. In future, we assure you that we will keep updating the existing images and will upload new images with their descriptions with the latest developments happening and will provide you with more details and latest information. 

Help us to improve by giving us your valuable feedback/ suggestions for any of our images that you go through. 

We have  uploaded acne images,pimple images in acne treatment section. While ringworm images, jockitch images, fungal infection images in ringworm treatment section. Hair fall images, hair loss images & alopecia images in hair treatment section. Eczema images,psoriasis images,vitiligo images in general consultation section