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Are you experiencing stress induced hair loss? then you should read this blog.

Does stress causes hair loss?

If you want to understand that, can stress cause hair loss? then also you should read this blog.

Let’s understand the connection between hair loss and stress in this blog.

Well, First of all let me tell you that stress causes hair loss and your hair loss can be  aggravated by stress.

If you are mentally stressed that I am losing 50, 60, or 70 hairs a day, then your mental stress can trigger a variety of physical responses and induce a lot of changes in your body that can impact the health of your hair. When you are under stress, your body can trigger release of steroid hormones (cortisol) which can damage the hair root because of the disruption in the hair growth cycle, push your hair follicle from anagen phase (a phase where a hair grows actively) to telogen phase prematurely and you will have stress induced hair loss.

Additionally, stress induces chronic inflammatory state in your body. And if your body wants to fight with the stress then it has to divert its entire nutrition and nutritional supply to the inflammatory phase. So there are chances that blood circulation as well as nutritional supply to the scalp may decline and that can also induce hair loss.

So what I want to convey is that if you are stressed, then it can aggravate your hair loss by hormonal imbalance, diverting the nutritional supply as well as converting your hair follicles from anagen phase to telogen phase.

And there are also chances that you may develop a habit of hair plucking out of stress, the condition that is called trichotillomania and that can also damage your hair. 

Person having physical or mental stress does not develop immediate hair loss or in other words stress induced hair loss as it is a long process and may take up to 3-9 months to observe the hair loss. Sometimes in patients suffering from hair loss , a hair root would not recover from telogen phase, and a patient may observe hair thinning and may further progress to develop a condition called chronic telogen effluvium. Stress causes hair loss and may even sometimes cause graying of hairs.

Surgical trauma, chronic illnesses, malaria, typhoid, dengue and other viral infections can cause physiological stress to the body due to which patients may develop stress induced hair loss.

It’s important to note that stress-related or stress induced hair loss is usually temporary and can be reversed with proper management of stress levels.

So being a trichologist in today's blog I would like to say that if you are stressed about the hair loss that you are experiencing and you feel that it is stress induced hair loss, and want to know if can stress cause hair loss or stress causes hair loss, just put your entire stress over your dermatologist, and not on your shoulders.

We will take care of the same. We are specialized to treat your stress induced hair loss and educate you about the connection between hair loss and stress, whether stress causes hair loss or stress cause hair loss or not and being a trichologist we would like to advise you certain methods for your stress relaxation. That includes yoga, meditation, exercise and diet management.

It will change your hair follicle hormonal status, nutritional status and prevent its conversion from anagen phase to telogen phase.

And as a result, by managing stress levels, you can not only prevent your hair loss but also improve the overall quality of life. You will definitely feel that your hair loss has come under control.

So our request is that you should manage stress relaxation practice.

If you are facing stress induced hair loss, don't get stressed, consult your dermatologist, consult your trichologist, he will not only identify, diagnose whether it is stress induced hair loss or not but he will also help you to know if stress causes hair loss or stress cause hair loss and will also educate about the relation between hair loss and stress and will help you to come out from the same.

Thank you

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