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Hair Treatment

Online Hair Treatment Consultation

Login to neodermatologist.com for hair fall treatment and get dermatologist consultation online. Let us guide you for your hair fall and best dandruff shampoo by our online dermatologist. Are you struggling with hair fall and fighting with dandruff? Do your hair fall make you feel embarrassed? Are you looking for a hair fall and dandruff best shampoo to get rid of your dandruff permanently? Consult an online dermatologist get the best online hair fall treatment by an authentic dermatologist at Neodermatologist.com.


$ 50.00 Onwards


  • History Form Assessment
  • Photographic Assessment
  • Telephonic history taking by medicalofficer
  • Video Consultation
  • Telephonic Disease counselling by medical officer
  • Prescription PDF on register Number


$ 100.00 Onwards

Meet the Neodermatologists

Looking for an online dermatologist, near me dermatologist? Login to neodermatologist.com and get online dermatologist consultation. It is a platform where you can get dermatologist consultation online in other words skin specialist consultation online, acne treatment by dermatologist. So, if you are looking for a ringworm specialist, hair doctor, neodermatologist.com is the place where you can consult the nearest skin doctor.

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23 FEB

Online Hair Treatment Consultation

baal jhadna kaise roke

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19 FEB

Online Hair Treatment Consultation

Hair Loss And Stress

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28 OCT

Online Hair Treatment Consultation

Dandruff Treatment, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis,

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Patients’ Testimonials

This is the best clinic for skin treatment Thank you so much for my services. Such a lovely and professional person staff. Really liked the treatments and the results are pretty much good in one session only

Doctor Ruchir Shah is very nice person and one of the best doctor in this area.

I had a very good experience at this very aesthetically built centre, there were positive vibes all around.


Online Hair Treatment Consultation

Are you suffering from hair-related problems like hair lossdandruffhead lice, and other hair-related problems? Then you are at the right place, we have a solution for all your hair problems.
Let me introduce you to neodermatologist.com, which gives hair treatment consultations online. We have India's top hair treatment dermatologist doctors who will provide consultation online.

Get Best Online Hair Treatment Consultation 24/7

Hello all, I am Dr. Karma Patel. I am a dermatologist with a special interest in teledermatology. We are running as many as 7 teledermatology clinics across the cities. We have consulted over 25000 patients online to date. We are the people living in the twenty-first century. In today’s time, Many of you might find it hard to visit clinics physically for different reasons but are unable to find an alternative to it most of the time, as I have said earlier, we are people living in the twenty-first century, and what that mean is that we have advanced deeper and farther in all the sectors than ever before, thanks to technology, which has made consulting a doctor from wherever you are possible.

Yes. It is possible to consult a dermatologist online if you are concerned about your hair, looking for hair loss treatment, dandruff treatment, alopecia areata treatment, head lice treatment, or thin hair treatments just from wherever you are as any hair-related concern can be diagnosed visually. A dermatologist does not need to touch you or your hair to diagnose your problem. It is easy and convenient. Here I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to consult, where to consult, what to consult, and the benefits of consulting your dermatologist online. In this article, I will discuss with you, how to carry out hair consultation with a trichologist online & how to receive hair treatment online. I would like to narrate my discussion on the following points


  • Where to consult for hair fall control/dandruff treatment & thin hair treatments?

  • How to consult for hair fall treatment?

   Basic consultation

   Premium consultation

  • Why to consult with us for your hair fall treatment or hair fall control?

  • What to consult here with hair fall doctor near me?

  • Whom to consult for hair fall treatment near me?

  • Online hair treatment by trichologist

  • Where to consult?

Are you searching for hair loss treatment, hair loss treatment for men, or hair loss treatment for women? Also, Are you looking for a hair fall control solution a hair fall doctor near me, or a hair fall treatment near me? neodermatologist.com is one such place where you can consult a trichologist online for any hair-related concern, get valuable advice from a dermatologist, and get the prescribed medicines.it is a platform that provides you with easy access to reach out to your dermatologist from anywhere and at your convenience time.

How To Consult Online For Hair Fall Treatment/Dandruff Treatment

Here I will discuss and give a step-by-step guide on how you can consult to make it easier for you for your hair fall treatment/dandruff treatment/alopecia areata treatment/thin hair treatments/hair loss control.

Well, the first step is to log in to the website. on neodermatologist.com, we provide you with two different types of consultations for any hair-related concern namely basic and premium. Further, you will be directed based on the service you have selected. After you log into the website, you need to select one of our services: basic or premium.

In basic consultation, after this, the next step is to select the hair loss treatment service among the other services. Once you select your service, you will be asked to fill up a history form. It is a kind of questionnaire where you will be asked a few questions that you need to answer. This helps us to know more about your problem. Once you finish filling up the history form you will be asked to upload the photographs of the affected area and In the case of hair photographs of any affected hair-bearing area. After this, you need to just confirm your appointment and process the payment. Within 20 minutes of your submission of a query, our medical officer will call you and discuss the hair concern that you have under the history form and photographs you have submitted. Our medical officer after having a word with you will convey this message to the dermatologist. Our dermatologist will prescribe you medicines. We assure you and will try our best to complete the whole process within 2 hours.

Well, as you can understand, in basic consultation, the diagnosis of your hair concern is done through the photographs that you sent us. Taking appropriate photographs according to our guidelines with utmost attention is of important in case of basic consultation as there are chances that the dermatologist can meet a diagnostic error if the photographs are inappropriate and we will need to request for resubmission of the photographs. If the dermatologist finds that the photographs are not proper and he/she is unable to diagnose with the photographs provided then it will leave him/her unsatisfied and in such a case a dermatologist can even refuse to go further.The link to sample photographs and video is given on the website.We request you to access these links before taking photographs and follow the guidelines.

The prescription from a dermatologist/trichologist will be sent on your WhatsApp as well as will be saved in your user account. So, when in future you connect with us again, you as well as us will be able to access the previous prescriptions. From a doctor’s point of view, it is important to keep the patient's records.

In premium consultation, you get a few more features. Apart from the steps that you follow and the features that you get in basic consultation, you will be given a provision that you can select a dermatologist whom you want to consult with, and book time for consultation from available time slots and get an opportunity to talk to a dermatologist through video unlike in basic consultation.

Let me make one thing clear from a diagnosis point of view, there is no difference between the basic and premium consultations as it is not proportional to the service that you select. If you are someone who has consulted us through basic consultation service and leaves you unsatisfied with the diagnosis process and treatment prescribed, we assure you a complete refund.

Why consult with us for your hair fall treatment or hair fall control?

The one reason to consult on neodermatologist.com is that it is easy to consult with a dermatologist online from anywhere and at any time. You just need to login to neodermatologist.com, tell us about your hair-related concern, consult a doctor, and get the medicines. It's a hassle-free and paperless procedure. We are bound to respond within 20 minutes once the query is submitted to us.

We are a team of certified dermatologists/trichologists. We specialize in diagnosing and treating hair loss, dandruff, and any other hair disorders. We are not only passionate about treating patients online but we are also passionate about providing knowledge to our patients about their hair concerns, and disorders. So in a digital sense we are your hair fall doctor near me and we canary out your “hair fall treatment near me”

What to consult here with a hair fall doctor near me?

You can consult neodermatologist.com if you are expecting dandruff treatment, hair fall control, hair loss treatment, alopecia aerate treatment, head lice treatment, or thin hair treatments then you can carry out consultation with our trichologist. having a dandruff and want to get rid of it, for hair fall or hair loss or any other hair disorders that you are suffering from such as alopecia areata, infections in hair, etc. as for any of your hair problems a dermatologist does not need to touch you or your hair, he /she can diagnose your hair problem visually. I would like to narrate a few common hair problems which you can easily consult over here:

  • Hair loss treatment

  • Head lice treatment

  • Alopecia areata treatment

  • Dandruff treatment

  • Big flakes of dandruff in the hair

  • Hair loss whether from the entire head or only from few selected parts of hair

  • Androgenetic alopecia 

  • Male pattern hair loss

  • Female pattern hair loss

  • Lice in head

  • Infection in hair

  • Increased hair loss after hair straightening

Whom to consult for “hair fall treatment near me”?

We are a team of certified dermatologists having expertise, especially in the field of trichology. We specialize in diagnosing and treating any hair-related problem such as hair loss, hair fall, dandruff, and other hair disorders namely alopecia areata, infections, telogen effluvium, etc. We provide you with the opportunity to choose from the list of various trichologists you want to consult with.

Online consultation is very easy & we are your hair fall doctor near me assure you a satisfactory outcome from the diagnosis and treatment point of view, in other words, you won't encounter any diagnostic or treatment difference for any of our dermatologists you consult with.

Online hair treatment by a trichologist

The most common hair problems that many people encounter are dandruff, hair thinning, hair fall, hair loss, etc. People go and try out many of the over-the-counter available products or buy online products such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and tablets on their own without having a thorough knowledge about the ingredients that are there in the products that they are using and their side effects. So, what happens is that instead of getting rid of their problem they sometimes end up making it worse than before, and it becomes even more challenging for a dermatologist to treat.

So, I being a dermatologist/trichologist would always recommend that if you are someone having hair thinning, suffering from hair loss or hair fall, or having any other hair problem, you should consult a dermatologist and get your problem properly diagnosed and get appropriate treatment as a dermatologist is someone who is specialized in diagnosing and treating any of your hair related concern and he/she not only can diagnose and treat your problem but can give you a valuable advice on do’s and don’ts, can educate you about your hair problem or a disorder, can talk about its prognosis and prescribe you appropriate medicines.

So by carrying out dermatologist consultation online, you can get alopecia aerata treatment, hair loss treatment, hair loss treatment for men and hair loss treatment for women, head lice treatment, thinning hair treatments, and dandruff treatment. Log into neodermatologist.com, consult with your dermatologist online, and get the prescription and medicines online.

We often prescribe medicated shampoos, lotions, and tablets to our patients with hair problems.In patients having dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis we prescribe medicated shampoo containing keratolytic agents such as salicylic acid in combination with an antifungal agent such as ketoconazole. In patients having androgenetic hair loss, both males and females, minoxidil 2% and 5% lotions remain the mainstay of treatment. Minoxidil in combination with finasteride is also available in the market. Nowadays minoxidil tablets have also become available in the market. But no information on its effectiveness in patients suffering from hair loss.Apart from this anti-androgenic group of tablets such as finasteride, and dutasteride in males and tablets such as spironolactone in females with androgenetic hair loss are effectively used.

I thank you for reading this out and hoping that it was useful to you. You can read our latest blogs & videos for hair-related concerns by following the links