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Acne Treatment Online

Login to neodermatologist.com for acne treatment and get dermatologist consultation online. Get the acne treatment for face by our online dermatologist.


$ 50.00 Onwards


  • History Form Assessment
  • Photographic Assessment
  • Telephonic history taking by medicalofficer
  • Video Consultation
  • Telephonic Disease counselling by medical officer
  • Prescription PDF on register Number


$ 100.00 Onwards

Meet the Neodermatologists

Looking for an online dermatologist, near me dermatologist? Login to neodermatologist.com and get online dermatologist consultation. It is a platform where you can get dermatologist consultation online in other words skin specialist consultation online, acne treatment by dermatologist. So, if you are looking for a ringworm specialist, hair doctor, neodermatologist.com is the place where you can consult the nearest skin doctor.

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Acne Treatment Online

pimples kaise hataye

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Acne Treatment Online

Acne and diet

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Patients’ Testimonials

This is the best clinic for skin treatment Thank you so much for my services. Such a lovely and professional person staff. Really liked the treatments and the results are pretty much good in one session only

Doctor Ruchir Shah is very nice person and one of the best doctor in this area.

I had a very good experience at this very aesthetically built centre, there were positive vibes all around.


Online Acne Consultation By Dermatologist

Hello friends,

This is Dr. Ruchir shah here, 

  • Are you searching best for acne treatment or face acne treatment or face pimple treatment
  • Are you looking for acne treatment by dermatologist?
  • Are you looking for pimples treatment or acne treatment for back?
  • Didn't you get rid of acne by over the counter medicine?
  • Are your acne spots ruining your beauty and you want acne spot treatment?
  • Is your oily skin irritating you?

Then you are at the right place. Neodermatologist.com is a right platform to consult with dermatologists online for pimple treatment or acne treatment for face. If you want acne treatment by a dermatologist then you can easily consult here & get the authentic advice as well as prescription for the same.  In this blog I am going to describe to you something about online acne consultation. Online consultation with a dermatologist for your acne concern.

Moreover, we are a team of doctors who are having special interest in teledermatology. We have given teleconsultation or online consultation to hundreds of our patients for acne treatment such as  their face acne treatment/face pimple treatment/acne treatment for back. We daily assess around 25 to 30 patients for acne treatment/for pimples treatment/acne spot treatment/ acne treatment for back.

Acne is a common skin disease which mainly involves the face and involves the youth. And because of its virtue of visual diagnosis , a doctor can easily diagnose the grade of acne and he can decide the treatment. So first of all I would like to start my discussion on why you can consult online.

I would like to split this discussion in following parts

  1. What to consult here with acne treatment by dermatologist?

  2. Where to consult online for acne treatment?

  3. Why to consult for acne treatment/ for pimples treatment online?

  4. Who will be acne treatment dermatologist over this website?

  5. How to consult online for acne treatment/face acne treatment?

What to consult here with acne treatment by dermatologist?

  • Acne & its relevant concerns can be consulted here, that includes

  •    Acne vulgaris commonly called as pimples which develop during youth as

  •    Adolescent acne

  •    Hormonal acne which develops because of hormonal imbalance mainly in females

  •    Acne cosmetica in which pimples develop because of some wrong cosmetic or make up     

  •    material application

  •    Acne fulminans in which large nodular & extensive number of pimples do develop

  •    Mechanical acne

  •   Occupational acne

In lot of patients acne leaves behind spots & scar.that can also be consulted with dermatologist here 

Acne is an inflammatory disorder of the skin. Acne is a common skin condition that affects. the oil glands in the skin. It typically occurs during puberty when the sebaceous glands produce more oil. Acne is a disease which is very common over the face but it may present over hands, back and buttocks also. Types of acne are papules, pustules, nodules,  blackheads and whiteheads. So acne treatment can be consulted over this page and you can get acne treatment for back,face pimples treatment,acne spot treatment  easily here

You will get best for acne treatment over this page.We have uploaded lot of blogs as well as video about acne which can increase your knowledge

Please find their subject & link below

Where to consult online for acne treatment?

 https://www.neodermatologist.com/ is the best place for your acne concern. Because it is authentic, it has a team of certified dermatologists, it is very fast in response. 

All dermatologist registered here are acne treatment dermatologist.

We have all experienced online dermatologists. They have enough experience of diagnosing acne online and they give 25 to 30 consultations of acne every day. So you can select any one of them.

We have narrated their salient features on the profile of each one of them. You can select and you can decide based on your criteria. 

Why to consult for acne treatment online? Are you tired of your pimples? Do you develop pimples repeatedly? Do you get confused whether to carry out the laser or peeling or whether you can go with the only medications?

So acne is a disease which is very common over the face. & dermatologist just need to see face photographs or photographs where acne is existing It can be present with papules, pustules, nodules,  blackheads and whiteheads. If you send your good quality photographs, then the doctor can diagnose and doctor can prescribe you the treatment.

If you are confused and you are not getting the proper answer, then you must consult the dermatologist on neodermatologist.com.  Our website has authentic dermatologists with certified degrees only. We request you to try a new era. We request you to explore the new era of online consultation in Acne because it is a visual diagnostic branch, a visual diagnostic consult branch where you can save your valuable time, and it is easy to consult. And you will get your prescription at your fingertips. 

 You just need to log in, fill up your history form and upload your photographs. If you submit your photographs, in case of  basic consultation, you  will be responded  in just within 20 minutes and you will get the answer of a dermatologist in the majority of patients just within 2 hours.

Your query will be solved within just 2 hours. So that is the reason we are very fast in response but obvious, It is an online consultation so it is comfortable.

 In case of premium consultation you need to select a time slot and make a video consultation. You don't need to step out, you can consult us from anywhere.

Also because it is online the things get paper free so it is a hassle free and comfortable process. So if you want to have a comfortable consultation without stepping into the cabin of a dermatologist https://www.neodermatologist.com/ is the best solution and best option for you. And pimples treatment is one of the most common concern which can be addressed online.

Whom to consult?

As described our website has authentic dermatologists only. You can select any of our listed dermatologists as acne treatment dermatologist. We have described their salient features such as 



number of online consultations till date

We have also uploaded certain testimonials of our happy patients. If you want to make premium consultation via video conferencing you can easily explore available time slots of particular dermatologist

How can you consult online for acne treatment?

https://www.neodermatologist.com/  is a place where you can consult online.  

Based on the guidelines on this website, we give you basic as well as premium consultation for acne

In case of basic consultation, you have to login and select your acne consultation service for acne treatment /for pimple treatment / face acne treatment/acne treatment for back/acne spot treatment. Then you have to select a dermatologist who will be your acne treatment dermatologist,after that you have to upload photographs, then you have to finish the payment procedure. Our medical officer will call you, they will confirm the history and they will submit a history form as well as a photograph to the dermatologist. And dermatologists will prescribe you after diagnosing your problem. 

As well as in the case of premium consultation, apart from basic consultation, you have to book the particular time slot of a dermatologist and you have to process the payment and you can get the direct discussion with the dermatologist. Dermatologist will take your history, can examine you over the video call and he will prescribe you the treatment. What is very important in this process is your photographs.

We request you to send the photographs with a particular guideline. We have narrated the guidelines over this website.

 I would like to inform you that basic and premium  consultations are for the comfort of the patient. If you carry out basic consultation, it is nevertheless and it is nowhere inferior in quality of your diagnosis.Unless it is confirmed by the dermatologist, they are not going to prescribe. So even if you select the basic consultation, it is nowhere inferior to the standard criteria. So you can consult the dermatologist in a basic way also.

Once you consult with a dermatologist via basic way or via premium way, they will decide your treatment, they will save a prescription, you will get your prescription on your account also as well as on your WhatsApp also we will try our best to cater you the prescription almost within 2 hours of submission of your query. We have an affiliated Navsarjan medical store also over which you can order. We will prescribe you only the contents so you can buy your medicines from your surrounding medical store also.

Navsarjan medical store will also try their best to provide you the medicine on time. We will also give you the reminder. We will also explain to you to give the repeat consultation.

Acne treatment by dermatologist

• Acne is a very common youth problem & it can be treated by topical as well as oral medications. Our acne treatment dermatologist can cater you best for acne treatment. • Dermatologists prescribe oral antibiotics ,isotretinoin & certain multivitamin medications. • Topical medications such as retinoids,benzoyl peroxide,and topical antibiotics are also mainstays of treatment. • Facewash & cleansing against also keep face dry & reduce recurrences of acne • I hope I have narrated enough what you can get from this page, & you can easily consult with us online for your acne concerns. We are reliable as well as affordable for your online acne treatment.