Ringworm How to treat- An allopathic approach

Ringworm How to treat- An allopathic approach

Do you have itching in your inner parts and are you confused about “Ringworm how to treat”?

Are you having ringworm infection in your inner parts and searching for ringworm infection treatment or ringworm treatment or treatment of ring worm infection?

Are you suffering from ringworm infection and looking for ringworm treatment at home?

Hello all, this is Dr. Ruchir Shah here. In this blog I will discuss “ringworm how to cure” or in other words ringworm how to treat it.  

We have a team of trained dermatologists Dr. Ruchir Shah, Dr. Karma Patel who are specialised in diagnosing and treating your ringworm infection.

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You might be surprised to learn that fungus, not a worm, causes ringworm infection. 

Ringworm how to treat or ringworm how to cure - The first and most important step for treatment is:

Counseling : What is the cause of fungal infection?


Ringworm infection is caused by dermatophytes that can thrive on skin, hair and nails. It is primarily caused by direct contact with the fungi. This can happen through contact with an infected person or by contact with fomites of the infected person such as towels, bedsheets, combs, clothes etc. It usually develops on crural folds (tinea cruris) and buttocks and can  spread to other parts due to excessive humidity and moisture in these parts. Poor hygiene and a hot and humid environment can play an important role in increased risk of developing ringworm infection.  


How does it evolve?

The lesion typically begins with the involvement of a small circular area which enlarges over a period of time to involve more and more area in the annular (ring) pattern associated with itching which can spread to other areas as well. 

Precaution and hygiene: 

Good hygiene habits are essential to prevent the spread of ringworm infection. Make sure to keep and wash clothes, towel, bed sheets separately of an infected person to prevent its spread. Avoid sharing personal items.Make a habit of wearing loose fitting, cotton clothes and keep your inner parts dry as moist will provide a hospitable environment for fungi to thrive. By practicing good hygiene habits, you can help prevent the spread of fungal infections and keep everyone in the family healthy.

Course completion advice: 

It's important to follow the ringworm treatment plan prescribed by a dermatologist and to continue treatment of ring worm infection, apply ring worm cream and take ring worm medicine for the full duration, even if symptoms improve. This can help prevent the relapse, recurrence or becoming more severe with the development of drug-resistant strains.

Sibling management:

When one person in a household has a ringworm infection, it's important to treat all members with ringworm treatment (ring worm cream and ring worm medicine) simultaneously to prevent re-infection. Fungal infections can easily spread between family members, especially if they share personal items. Treating all members at once can help ensure that the infection is fully eradicated from the household. 

Now, let us explore possible treatment options for  Ringworm how to treat it?

Antifungal medication is the ring worm medicine and ring worm cream in ringworm treatment or ringworm infection treatment  - oral as well as topical medications are used to treat the ringworm infection. 

For oral use of ring worm infection medicine, antifungal tablets such as itraconazole, fluconazole, terbinafine and griseofulvin are used and frequently prescribed by the dermatologists. 

Topically, ring worm infection medicine in the form of antifungal creams, gels, powders are being used. Antifungal creams such as ketoconazole, luliconazole, amorolfine, oxiconazole are being used. 

If the infection recurs even after the completion of the full duration of the course, certain blood investigations can also be carried out.  

It is important to preserve the utility of the current antifungals by avoiding overusing them. 

If you are someone suffering from ringworm infection and looking for “ringworm how to treat” or in other words “ringworm how to cure” or ring worm infection treatment then consult a dermatologist online and get the ringworm treatment at home on neodermatologist.com. A dermatologist can not only provide you with knowledge on “ringworm how to treat” but can also prescribe you treatment of ringworm infection

I hope the information provided here about “ringworm how to treat” is helpful.

Thank you. 

Jinal Limbachiya

This blog has helped me enhance my knowledge for ringworm and its treatment. I would like to thank the team of doctors.

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